How To Cook That VS Sugarologie: Who Takes the Cake in this Culinary Feud?

It’s heating up in the kitchen between multi million subscriber channel HowToCookThat and Sugarologie’s Adriana. As part of her viral series debunking food hacks, HowToCookThat’s Ann Reardon majorly dissed a popular technique Adriana shared.

Sugarologie posted a life-changing Instagram reel, teaching her wowed audience how to massively level up their buttercream’s colouring without adding any extra food dye. A subscriber sent this into HowToCookThat, unable to believe their eyes and wanting proof from the former food scientist.

Reardon wasn’t having any of it. The YouTuber has built a reputation of being fiercely accurate throughout her twelve years on the platform, proudly presenting herself as a solid source of food safety. Proving her commitment to debunking blatantly false food practices, she slammed Sugarologie’s hack.

Reardon completely discredited Adriana. The only truth HowToCookThat could find was that at the most basic level, the dye grew the tiniest bit brighter. But that wasn’t without a lot of consequences.

Adriana’s claims which Reardon fiercely called out were that using an immersion blender on buttercream allowed the gel based food dye to distribute more evenly, resulting in a perfect looking tasty treat. The larger channel discredited her reasoning. It was really because mixing the buttercream took away air from the icing, subsequently reducing its size, so the dye had less surface area to paint across.

Even without considering the lies behind it, Reardon was shocked that Sugarologie would breach her viewers’ trust by presenting this hack if it resulted in the aspirational bakers ending up with less product than they started with.

The viciously attacked Sugarologie regularly boasts her scientific background, with her channel’s biography sharing that she has a master’s degree in Microbiology/Immunology, and a PhD in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology. As such, fans underneath Reardon’s video felt shocked and betrayed that Adriana would lie to them in spite of her scientific background.

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Commenter Emilie Coats mentions the research papers and thorough tests undertaken by Adriana, disgusted by how a channel that presents itself as “all science based” could present facts that simply weren’t true.

Despite the distrust sparked by HowToCookThat, groups of devoted fans remained on Sugarologie’s side. They were appalled to see Reardon take down a fellow culinary content creator, especially one who is twenty times smaller than Reardon’s juggernaut channel.

A recent comment from Platina demonstrates how high tensions have risen, with fans of both creators passionately picking sides.

they are both SUPPOSED to be food scientists. That’s the problem. Ann’s approach recently seem to be “I am always right” and that is both wrong and an insult to the scientific process. The whole point of science is to test using controlled elements that can be proven, repeatedly, yielding the same result. Ann failed from step 1 all the way down. This isn’t the first time someone called her out either. But I think her the size of her fame got to her head. Which is unfortunate.

This isn’t the first time HowToCookThat has faced accusations of both having an overblown ego and reaching reckless conclusions. Reardon may try to keep her channel squeaky clean, but her cover ups are less than perfect. Commenter Arieljaay is one of many holding Reardon accountable for her actions, refusing to let her get away with bullying smaller creators.

This is the 3rd time I’ve seen Ann be so confidently wrong

Reardon has less credentials behind her than the PhD holding Sugarologie, and as such, fans wonder if her scientific method is something that needs to be debunked. Her video brushing off serious concerns regarding the safety of the viral Tik Tok pink sauce was crazy popular, having 1.3 million views. But not all publicity is good publicity, with Reddit user PermissionToConnect severely unimpressed with the YouTuber’s scientific method.

Ann has never eaten the pink sauce either. She was basically guessing and saying “well, since I could make it like this she probably did too, so these claims are 100% FALSE.” It’s a bit sensationalist and makes her look bad in the process.
by u/PermissionToConnect from discussion Debunking the Pink Sauce Controversy | How To Cook That Ann Reardon
in videos

In a fiery defence video, Sugarologie refuses to back down from the social media star’s attacks. She echoes the concerns from HowToCookThat’s critics, intensely condemning Reardon’s hostile approach as she tosses aside her integrity for more engaging content. In a powerful summary of her issues with Reardon, she explains that, “if something is not understood, you read, research, collaborate or ask”. This is a defensive take down of Reardon’s unfounded complaints with her work.

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Sugarologie painstakingly plays out her well experienced scientific process to her audience, leaving no room for her viewers to doubt her expansive knowledge within this field, no matter how much HowToCookThat slanders it. Adriana firmly states her case, letting the audience know she won’t put up with this kind of behaviour.

By the end of the video, it’s hard not to agree that Reardon’s intense critique of Adriana’s content is an “under researched and malformed conclusion at the expense of other’s work.” Reardon has a pattern of this behaviour, and it takes confident content creators to fight for themselves against the big guys.

Sugarologie isn’t the first video debunking the debunker, with YouTuber David Seymour casting extreme doubts on her criticism of the super popular food network Tasty’s Japanese pancake recipe.

HowToCookThat has clearly engaged in frequent toxic behaviour, insufficiently fact-checking content for her audience, resulting in lying to the viewer base that trusts her so much. In spite of this cycle, fan Mikey Yahle is ready to forgive, and he isn’t the only one.

“Ann usually gets stuff right, but she isn’t immune to wrongdoing. I Just hope she apologizes for this”

Her viewers extend her a lot of goodwill, with her cookbook How to Cook That: Crazy Sweet Creations comfortably sits in the top ten spot of several Amazon dessert cookbook charts two years after release. With the money it takes to get that kind of praise, it’s not difficult to think Reardon owes her fanbase an apology.

But she has not spoken a word about the scandal outside of the defences in her YouTube comments, posting as usual the week after the feud broke out. Her public refusal to acknowledge the issue doesn’t carry over to her private correspondence, with Sugarologie pinning her own response to Ann’s email at the top of the comment section for her response video. It’s extensive and thorough, leaving many to question how legitimate many of the facts Reardon has presented have been across her career.

Adriana chose not to share Reardon’s email, so we won’t know her opinions on the situation unless she chooses to break her silence. Following the initial outbreak of the culinary feud, Sugarologie’s channel has died down with its posting. While it’s not unreasonable for Adriana to go weeks between posting, a massive channel falsely debunking what you’ve spent years working on could cause a creator to step back from YouTube.

See Part 2 of this feud here by clicking this link

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