Joe Rogan Experience #1721 – Michael Malice

A self-described anarchist, Malice has built a substantial following with his ideas on individual liberty and his criticisms of conventional political structures. His podcast, “YOUR WELCOME,” often features discussions on political philosophy, culture, and current events, often with a unique spin.

In 2022 Malice released a new book called “The White Pill: A Tale of Good and Evil” which is based off the common expression of the “Red Pill” from the Matrix. Whereas the White Pill is the idea that “victory over evil is not impossible and triumph of the enemies of freedom is not inevitable”. 

Michael tells stories about his new book across many different podcasts where he explains the horrors of the soviet union with a deep understanding of their propaganda methods. Even after understanding and eloquently conveying these horrible stories Michael’s positive attitude that victory over evil is not impossible is a strong positive commitment to the world. 

This conversation with Joe Rogan is not only worth a listen, Michaels podcast should also be sought after.

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