Can Gohan Beat Goku? Gohan Is Stronger Than Goku

Can Gohan Beat Goku/ Gohan beast

Dragon Ball Super has been a rollercoaster of emotions, power-ups, and epic battles. One question that has been on the minds of many fans is: “Can Gohan beat Goku?” With the release of the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, this debate has been reignited. Let’s dive deep into the facts and see who would come out on top in this ultimate anime showdown. SPOILER ALERT

Can Gohan Beat Goku?: Gohan is Stronger than Goku

Gohans currently power level is higher than Goku, meaning he most likely beat Goku in a 1 on 1 battle due to his raw power. Other factors to consider include martial arts skills, experience and their overall willingness as a Saiyan to win.

Both Gohan and Goku could easily beat their past enemies from the Frieza or Buu saga (maybe not Buu himself) without even reaching full power. Ultimate Gohan, Ultra Ego Vegeta and most of the z-fighters have grown since the manga and anime grew beyond the Buu Saga. With the introduction of Broly into canon and the immense power of other characters like lord Beerus Goku could beat Gohan in the future if he becomes strong enough.  

If we decided based on raw power, right now Gohans Beast form is speculated to be better even vs Ultra Instinct Goku. Gohan could currently take Goku down which makes it official that Gohan could beat Goku.

Gohan’s Ascension in Dragon Ball Super

The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie has shifted a new chapter of focus from the usual protagonists, characters Goku and Vegeta, to Gohan. Gohan’s potential has always been a topic of discussion among fans. From his early days in Dragon Ball Z where Super Saiyan 2 Gohan defeated Cell, to his training sessions with Piccolo, Gohan’s power has always been evident. In the Super Hero movie, Gohan reaches a new pinnacle of power, unlocking his “Final Gohan” power level, which is arguably stronger than any form Goku has achieved without or including Ultra Instinct.

Goku’s Legacy

Goku, the hero of the Dragon Ball franchise, has always been at the forefront of every major battle. From his early days in the Saiyan saga to his god-like powers in the Tournament of Power, Goku’s strength and skills are unparalleled. His transformations, from Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan Blue and Ultra Instinct, have always kept him a step ahead of his adversaries.

The Ultimate Showdown: Final Gohan vs. Goku

Power Levels: Is Gohan Stronger Than Goku?

The answer to whether Gohan is stronger than Goku has varied throughout the Dragon Ball series, depending on the saga and the circumstances. In the Cell Saga of “Dragon Ball Z,” Gohan surpassed Goku when he achieved the Super Saiyan 2 transformation where Gohan and Cell battled until the defeat of cell ended the arc. At that specific moment, Gohan was indeed stronger than Goku.

However, in subsequent sagas and in “Dragon Ball Super,” Goku unlocked further transformations and power levels, such as Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, and Ultra Instinct. These transformations put Goku at a power level that Gohan has not been shown to reach in the series. As of the latest events in “Dragon Ball Super,” Goku, with his Ultra Instinct form, is considered to be stronger than Gohan. However, it’s worth noting that Gohan possesses immense latent potential, and under the right circumstances or training, he could potentially surpass Goku again.

Gohan Beast form, as showcased in the Super Hero movie, is a force to be reckoned with. This form allowed him to easily defeat Cell Max, a formidable opponent. While Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue form is immensely powerful, it might not be on par with Final Gohan’s raw power.

Martial Arts Skills

Goku’s martial arts journey began under Master Roshi, where he learned the basics of combat alongside Krillin. Over the years, Goku trained under various masters like King Kai, Whis, and even martial artists from other planets. This diverse training gave Goku a vast repertoire of techniques and a deep understanding of combat. Goku’s fighting style is a blend of various techniques he’s learned over the years. He’s adept at reading his opponents, adapting to their moves, and countering effectively. His style is fluid, combining power with finesse.

Gohan’s primary martial arts training was under Piccolo, who taught him survival and combat skills from a young age. Later, he also trained under Goku and the Supreme Kai. While Gohan’s training was intense, it was less diverse compared to Goku’s. Gohan’s style is more straightforward and power-driven, especially when he’s tapping into his raw potential. While he possesses great technique, he sometimes lacks the battle experience and instincts that Goku has honed over countless battles.


Gohan: Gohan’s martial arts journey began at a very young age, primarily under the tutelage of Piccolo. His experiences during the Saiyan, Namek, and Cell sagas were instrumental in shaping his combat skills. The most significant leap in Gohan’s power and experience came during the Buu saga. Under the guidance of the Old Kai, Gohan underwent a unique ritual to unlock his Gohan Ultimate form, often referred to as “Mystic” Gohan. This form allowed Gohan to access all of his latent potential without the need for transformations like Super Saiyan. The power he displayed in this form was immense, surpassing even Super Saiyan 3 Goku at the time. However, this power came at a cost. Gohan’s lack of consistent training and combat after the Cell saga meant that while he had raw power, he lacked the refined combat skills and instincts that come from regular battles and training.

Goku: Post the Buu saga, Goku’s training took a new direction when he encountered the God of Destruction, Beerus. Under the guidance of Whis, Beerus’s martial arts teacher, Goku not only achieved the Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue forms but also refined his combat skills to a level beyond anything seen before. Training with Beerus and Whis was not just about power but also about technique, strategy, and understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses. This training allowed Goku to tap into the Ultra Instinct, a state of combat where the body reacts without conscious thought, representing the pinnacle of martial arts in the Dragon Ball universe.

Comparison – Warriors and Spirit

Gohan: Gohan’s journey as a warrior is unique. Unlike Goku, who thrives in the thrill of battle, Gohan’s spirit as a warrior is driven by the need to protect. His most significant power-ups, be it against Cell or during the Buu saga, came when his loved ones were in danger. This protective spirit gives Gohan an unparalleled surge of power when it matters most. However, his lack of consistent passion for combat means he often doesn’t maintain his peak condition. Gohan’s spirit to become the strongest is not for the sake of battle but for the sake of protection.

Goku: Goku’s spirit as a warrior is rooted in his Saiyan heritage and his love for combat. He constantly seeks stronger opponents, not out of aggression but out of a desire to test his limits and improve. This relentless pursuit of strength means Goku is always ready for the next challenge, always training, and always pushing his boundaries. His spirit to become the strongest is a combination of his Saiyan instincts and his personal desire to be the best.

Both Gohan and Goku have the spirit of warriors, their motivations and journeys are distinct. Gohan’s strength comes from his protective nature, his immense latent potential, and the moments when he’s pushed to the edge. Goku’s strength, on the other hand, comes from his relentless pursuit of improvement, his diverse training experiences, and his innate love for combat. Both have shown the spirit to become the strongest, but their paths and motivations to reach that pinnacle are uniquely their own.

Stamina and Drawbacks

One advantage Gohan might have is stamina. His “Final” form, being an evolution of his Ultimate form, might not have the stamina drain associated with the Super Saiyan transformations. Goku, especially in his Super Saiyan Blue form, needs to be wary of his stamina.

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