Bobby Lee’s Mother Joke With Andrew Santino On Bad Friends

The Viral Youtube Clip of Andrew Santino Impersonating Bobby Lee’s Mom

In a recent episode of the popular YouTube podcast, “Bad Friends,” comedians Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino brought their audience to tears with laughter as they engaged in a playful exchange about Bobby Lee’s mom. The viral TikTok clip that followed captured Andrew Santino doing a comical impersonation of Bobby Lee’s mother, complete with an Asian accent and slightly crossed eyes as he stared straight into the camera.

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The podcast began with Bobby Lee mentioning a “grizzly animal” in Chicago, to which Andrew Santino jokingly replied, “In Chicago?”  and Bobby slapping back with “Your mom.” This playful banter continued, with both comedians teasing each other about their mothers. Bobby Lee defended Andrews mom, calling her a beautiful woman.  The back-and-forth escalated, culminating in Santino’s hilarious impersonation of Bobby Lee’s mom. “It’s just a joke” Bobby asserts to Andrew as he starts to look angry that Bobby is making fun of his mother.

The original sound from the TikTok video has quickly become a fan favorite, and it has garnered countless likes, comments, and shares across various social media platforms. The clip’s popularity on TikTok has driven even more traffic to the “Bad Friends” podcast, where Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino continue to entertain their ever-growing audience.

Andrew Santino is no stranger to impersonations. Over the years, he has developed a series of impressions, each more hilarious than the last. Alongside his viral impersonation of Bobby Lee’s mom, Santino has tackled political figures like Joe Biden, fellow comedians such as Bill Burr, and even infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

In an episode of the Tom Segura Podcast, Santino, along with Tom Segura and Christina P, discussed the humor of various accents and impersonations. They shared how Santino’s impersonation of Bobby Lee’s mom, complete with an exaggerated Asian accent, became a viral hit. During the conversation, they all agreed that there’s something inherently funny about an Asian accent, especially when used in a light-hearted and playful manner.

Embracing the Comedy of Cross-Cultural Experiences

Santino’s impersonations not only bring laughter, but they also create opportunities for cross-cultural conversations. In a live “Moment House” event with Bobby Lee, Santino had the chance to engage with Lee’s mom in a wholesome and hilarious exchange. From learning about “crack rocks” to discussing the cultural impact of the song “WAP,” the interaction between Santino, Lee’s mom, and Doc from The Comedy Store was comedic gold.

Andrew Santino’s ability to impersonate a diverse range of characters has undoubtedly contributed to his success as a comedian. His impressions resonate with audiences, as they showcase his talent for finding humor in everyday situations and in the personalities of public figures. Fans eagerly anticipate his latest impersonations, knowing they’ll likely go viral and provide endless laughs.

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Suggested Accounts to Follow for More Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino Fun

For fans who can’t get enough of the dynamic duo, there are plenty of other platforms to follow Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino. On YouTube, their “Bad Friends” channel features new episodes of their podcast, while Bobby Lee doesn’t have a TikTok account there are many viral clips. You can find Andrew @cheetosantino where he regularly post funny skits and other content.

Banter between Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino on their “Bad Friends” podcast has become a beloved source of entertainment for their audience. The viral TikTok clip featuring Santino’s impersonation of Lee’s mom showcases their natural chemistry and comedic talent, and it has successfully introduced new viewers to the fun and laughter that can be found in each episode of their podcast.

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