BTS ARMY & Swifties Enter Intense Feud Over Mysterious New Book

It’s going down between super fans of mega music stars Taylor Swift and BTS, better known as Swifties VS Army. The devoted fanbases are furiously trying to prove that a mysterious book pre-order is from their favourite artist instead of a competitive chart rival. The secrecy lifted when Twitter user @lenikacruz unveiled previously locked down details regarding a future publication. Who wins the Swifties vs Army battle this time?

The paragraph shared by the author consists of dry details relevant to those inside the publishing industry. The book is to be announced on June 13 and there’s an “unusual” worldwide publication date of July 9, which is a Sunday rather than a typical Tuesday or Thursday release. The reveal of these super secret details sparked fans’ wild speculations with each listed date seemingly picked intentionally, rather than existing within the strict confines of the publishing industry.

The Amazon Discovery – Taylor Swifts Book?

It wasn’t long before eager fans uncovered a peculiar listing on Amazon. The product’s popularity has quickly skyrocketed, a testament to the undying adoration of both Taylor Swift and BTS fans. There’s still an agonising month long wait until the fanbases will hear an announcement, however the currently untitled book has rapidly launched to the coveted #1 spot in the photography and video category due to their fans’ intense loyalty.

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Fans are even putting their heads together to crack the codes present in the Amazon listing. The book’s 544 page is believed to be another hint as the groups refuse to leave any detail unchecked. Adding each number of the length individually results in 13, a legendary number to Taylor Swift’s fanbase.

The iconic popstar was born on the 13th of December 1989. She’s never been shy about calling it her lucky number. She wrote the symbolic day on her hands prior to early performances, letting everyone know its importance early in her career. When you see die hard fans of Swift mimic their idol in a permanent fashion, it becomes no surprise that her listeners are taking the chance on her rumoured book.

Swift has a reputation for sprinkling hints throughout all her releases, and her fans are learning that it’s no different when the popstar releases a book. While 13 is the most obvious clue, the July 9 release date also holds significance. It’s two days after the release of the rerecording of her super personal studio album, Speak Now.

The Controversy

Clinging onto the controversy, the singer cheekily references the rumours in her Speak Now announcement post, saying the album will be released “just in time for July 9th, iykyk”. Fans are convinced that the limited information they know clicks too well, and are more excited than ever to see the idol release her debut book alongside her iconic third studio album.

If everything points towards Swift, how have BTS fans convinced themselves that the book could be coming courtesy of the K-Pop megastars? The Shake It Off singer isn’t the only master of hints, and while the two artists may be oceans apart, they share several important dates.

BTS debuted with the punchy hip-hop inspired No More Dream in June 2013, coincidentally on the 13th. It might be Swift’s lucky number, but it marks a ground breaking milestone for the group and fans consider it their birthday.

Swift fans will be bumping her first release of 2023 by the time the mysterious book releases, whilst the BTS fanbase will be commemorating another milestone. The notoriously committed group of fans known as ARMY were officially created July 9, when the first round of recruitment for super fans ended ten years ago.

Instagram publishing gossip account @xoxopublishinggg plants their feet firmly on team BTS, repeatedly announcing that this release does not come from the pop princess.

Even official accounts are getting their hands in this drama. American bookstore Blacksburg Books jumped on the hype train, adding fuel to the fire by confirming the unusual privacy guarding the future release in a now deleted Instagram post.

However, the intensity of these fans knows no bounds, and the bookstore were quickly forced to track their statement back in an effort to not contribute to the rising tension in either group.

It’s no wonder both groups are so desperate for additional content from their favourite artist. Taylor Swift’s most recent lead single Anti-Hero is still a regular radio feature, seven months after the release of Midnights. Her multi hour long performances on the Eras Tour leave her fans awe struck, but with how busy the singer keeps, it’s no surprise she wants to keep her momentum going. Her 2020 double release of Folklore and Evermore left her fans hungry for frequent content from Swift, and they think a book publication would top off an already fantastic year of touring and multiple album releases.

The BTS ARMY are left much more starved for content from their favourite group. Each member of the boy band is serving their mandatory military service between now and 2025, casting doubts into their future as artists. Releasing a book is a calm any concern from mega fans worried their favourite band have run their course without needing to have the whole group together.

Despite each group praying for the release to be from their favourite artist, it’s not all bad blood between each group with the two fanbases having a lot of crossover. @booksandzoe’s Tik Tok slams the Swifties for being gullible, but there are multiple users leaving positive comments who are looking forward to either release. The top voted comment by @user4547724369807 states, “Then as a Swiftie and Army I’m winning either way.”

The fans of each artist will continue on with their detective level analysis and uncover more secret details. Until their work goes further, all we can do is wait for the June 13th announcement to see whether this mysterious book is by K-Pop superstars BTS or pop princess Taylor Swift.

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