Joe Rogan Experience #1933 – Jordan Peterson

He slams the World Economic Forum for their pessimistic expectations of the future, and invites listeners into a new perspective, pointing out that the world has conquered terrible things a million times before.

Jordan Peterson holds opinions on the solution to climate issues, and his primary point is that the poor need to be made wealthier so they are able to consume sustainability.

The 12 Rules for Life author shares ideas that would sit well in his ground-breaking self-help book. He believes that one cannot attain an ideal, but that gives no reason not to pursue it. He boils down the question of life to “what is the proper orienting narrative?”

He may not be a tech guru, but he has some heated thoughts on social media. Jordan Peterson agues that it breeds narcissism.

He also takes advantage of the platform to flame cancel culture, suggesting that tyranny occurs when regular people feel too threatened to speak their mind.

A variety of gender-based opinions are discussed. Peterson believes that being productive and a touch aggressive is important for male mental health. He mentions toxic femininity as being just as much of an issue as toxic masculinity.

While facing legal action, he attacks the legal system for forcing medical practitioners to provide gender-affirming care. Staying in the medical field, he enlightens viewers on mental health epidemics.

If you want to hear some differing and sometimes oppositional views on psychology and culture, episode #1933 is a great introduction to the world of Jordan Peterson.

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