KSI and Logan Paul Cash In on Controversy with New PRIME Hydration Flavour Selling Out in Hours

KSI is under fire for a KO against Joe Fournier, but the YouTuber’s illegal elbow move hasn’t slowed the demand for his and Logan Paul’s sport drinks.

Controversial YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul debuted PRIME Hydration in 2022, a brand with multiple drinks and flavours under its umbrella. The massively successful company earned $250 million last year, and doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon.

KSI is currently deep in a heated debate, questioning if his knockout against boxer Joe Fournier was legitimate. Business partner Logan Paul was ecstatic for the UK based YouTuber’s win, posting an excited reaction video with his girlfriend, Nina Agdal.

Showing his audience that no publicity is bad publicity, KSI and Logan Paul’s drinks are as popular as ever. All stock on PRIME’s official site is sold out, and its most recent release is no different.

The fresh flavour is finally out of the bag

A new PRIME flavour has been teased for a while now, with Logan Paul releasing a video titled I Ended KSI’s Career on his YouTube channel at the end of April. It was a great reveal to his millions of subscribers, marketing the PRIME drink to a huge social media audience.

A skit in the video consists of Logan Paul and KSI struggling to sell their homemade lemonade at a stand, while a group of girl scouts have no trouble selling their popular PRIME Hydration drink of the same flavour.

The clashing groups settle the issue, with KSI and Logan Paul teaming up with the girl scouts to sell the in demand product.

Throughout the filming of this video, the YouTubers broke character to hand out PRIME Hydration drinks to fans who made their way out to Venice Beach.


Logan Paul gives out new PRIME Hydration Lemonade 🍋 Flavour #viral #fyp #ksi #prime #drinkprime #lemonade #loganpaul

♬ original sound – Prime Creations

Even in the second half of the video, Logan Paul demonstrates his skilled marketing which enabled the drink to achieve its rapid success. The recent sports drink only sits behind a few historic brands in the same niche, including Gatorade and Powerade. 

In an interview following his WrestleMania 39 match, the fresh WWE recruit wore yellow, further marketing PRIME’s new lemonade flavour of sports drink.

The release date for the new lemonade PRIME Hydration drink was officially announced two days ago, with the flavour available to buy on the 17th of May at 1pm ET. 

Logan Paul and KSI Embrace the Sports Drink’s Summer Spirit

The announcement was launched alongside an ad campaign for the new PRIME Hydration drink, with former rivals KSI and Logan Paul happily together promoting the PRIME product.

The ad campaign echoes the summer vibe present in their YouTube video surrounding the launch, with the focus on yellow throughout.



♬ California Love (Remix) – 2Pac

Where can you buy the lemonade PRIME Hydration drink?

Proving the buzz surrounding the sports drink company, the new flavour of PRIME Hydration is already sold out on PRIME’s website, only hours after its launch. 

PRIME drinks are easy to buy in the United States and England, and are available to purchase in stores like ALDI and Walmart.

In Australia, the controversial drink has occasionally been spotted at Woolworths. However, there’s no promise it’ll be in stock.


Major Aus stores are shying away from stocking KSI and Logan Paul’s Hydration drink, due to the Energy line having double the legal caffeine intake contained in a single bottle. 

KSI and Logan Paul’s product has been as divisive as the YouTubers, with the energy drink being banned across multiple schools for the high caffeine content.

Never one to back down from controversy, KSI offered to send a truckload of his energy drink into schools where the product was banned, reversing the “blatant wrongdoing” imposed by these restrictions.

The caffeinated Energy line has an 18+ warning on PRIME’s website, and the Hydration sports drink contains no caffeine. Despite these warnings, the bright yellow flavour is most likely still a long way from reaching consumers down under, given the backlash it’s received in its first year on the market already.

PRIME’s influencer marketing propels KSI and Logan Paul into the big leagues

PRIME’s huge fanbase is eager for more, and the demand may overcome Australia’s dedication to keeping the drink brand away. 

The venture has managed to score itself the spot as the official drink of the Major League Baseball team the LA Dodgers. It’s now available at Dodgers Stadium’s concession stands, priming the two YouTubers for another year of financial success.


Hitting dingers at Dodger’s stadium to celebrate our new partnership @drinkprime @dodgers @ksi

♬ Tequila – The Champs

They also had a much coveted spot at the Superbowl, with over a hundred million viewers watching their commercial between the game.

With this many eyes on them, it’s hard to imagine the new Lemonade flavour will be kept out of Australia for much longer.

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