FaZe Clan Defends Grace Van Dien Against Hate From Member FaZe Rain

The rivalry between Grace Van Dien and long time FaZe Clan member, FaZe Rain, hits boiling point.

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Stranger Things actress Grace Van Dien recently joined the gaming organisation FaZe Clan. FaZe Rain blasted this move and accused the now privately owned company of pandering to an uninterested audience to help their publicly rocky financial situation.

Following an extremely public series of heated exchanges, FaZe Rain shared that he was meeting up with Grace Van Dien to come to an agreement on their feud.

FaZe Clan Member Rain’s Outline Quickly Goes Off the Rails

Grace Van Dien’s Twitter account went private following the intense backlash. She chose to speak out in the video Rain previously announced.

FaZe Rain is open about his intentions, sharing his outline for the video from the get go. 

He reveals his communication with the Stranger Things actress, with both streamers joking around with one another in the days leading up to filming.

FaZe Rain Blasts FaZe Clan for Publicity Stunt

FaZe Rain explains how he felt legally trapped, and the only way to be open about his feelings was to troll. Van Dien claps back, saying “using me as a poster child for your hate sucks”.

He redirects Grace Van Dien’s criticisms towards him, asking, “why would they put you in that position?”, in reference to FaZe Clan itself.

Grace Van Dien recounts the hate she received, connecting it to FaZe Rain’s statements blasting the company.

FaZe Rain feels the heat on the organisation, believing that, “we’re in a position to give the fans what they want. They haven’t had it in years.” He reiterates that he has nothing against Grace Van Dien, but it’s an “entirely political corporate move”.

The Stranger Things Star Fights Against Sexist Gaming Culture

Grace Van Dien acknowledges that she’s out of place in an organisation that’s deep in ‘bro culture’, and has caught heat in the past for controversial comments.

When pressed for an example on sexist remarks FaZe members have used, Van Dien brings up a sexually violent tweet about actress Emma Watson.


In his reactions spread throughout the video, FaZe Rain justifies the tweet by mentioning its 2013 origin. He says there are far worse tweets that he has deleted in the decade since then.

Despite tensions rising in the room, Van Dien and FaZe Rain laugh about the latter’s previous bet, declaring he’d give the actress 10 million dollars if she could find the tweet—something she did immediately.

While Rain, real name Nordan Shat, jokes about needing a payment plan, Van Dien assures him that she doesn’t want it.

FaZe Rain Blasts Misogyny Accusations

She references one of the main points of contention in this feud: Rain’s comments that he wouldn’t “touch [Van Dien] on my drunkest night” and that she was “mid”.

Grace Van Dien links this to her accusations of sexism, and shares she immediately blocked Rain for the comment and opted to redirect focus on her commitment to empowering women in the gaming space.


FaZe Rain doesn’t see the sexism in his comments, though he has expressed regret for going personal. Grace Van Dien admits to attacking Rain personally in a “totally different, wrong way”.

Rain continues slamming FaZe Clan for not warning Van Dien about the reaction he was bound to have.

She claims the hate she received from Stranger Things fans was much more intense than the FaZe backlash.

FaZe Clan Slammed for being Money-Hungry

FaZe Rain claims he will “back every recruit that makes sense”. A Reddit poster sees this as hypocritical, with past non-conventional recruits not facing a storm of hate.

You idiots signed Snoop Dogg, Snoop Dogg’s fucking son that no one knows, Bronny James, Lil Yachty, and more celebrities who only seem to play video games when a camera is on them. But as soon as a girl gets signed, that’s when Rain wants to leak the news before it’s announced and get an army of 12 year olds to attack her online.


FaZe Rain pushes her away from the org he co-founded, seeing her as a better fit for 100 Thieves. Massively popular female streamer Valkyrae was one of the competing group’s founders, and their company has a Spotlight Series that emphasises female creators.

Van Dien was recently a guest on the collective’s podcast 100 Thieves Cast, where she discussed her Stranger Things stardom.

FaZe Rain slams FaZe Clan for saying they weren’t going to “steal my company”. The creative and commercial direction of FaZe Clan is a heated subject, and one which this controversial move has placed front and center.

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Tensions between Grace Van Dien and FaZe Rain Boil Over

Rain says his one mission is to “defeat the boomers”, presumably a reference to the corporate members who have a large stake in the org’s operations. He defends his actions in the name of honesty, saying he doesn’t do that “professional PR bullshit”.

The two acknowledge their different perspectives, with Van Dien shutting down Rain’s belief that they’re not having a serious debate where they’re trying to do for the world. Grace Van Dien summarises her goal as wanting to “stop sexism in the gaming industry”.


Grace Van Dien believes the comments of her being “mid” and Rain not wanting to touch her on his “drunkest night” were meant with offence.

Rain opposes this opinion, and Van Dien reminds him he apologised for going too far with them. He says he apologised, and doesn’t understand what else he wants her to do.

FaZe Rain states he could be dramatic about the overdose comments she attacked him with, but didn’t take it seriously. He doesn’t understand why she lets “other people hurt her feelings”, and suggests she’s an insecure person in spite of her fame.

In the last minute, things get completely out of hand. FaZe Rain asks if Van Dien is getting emotional, and she responds, “yeah,” before saying, “I think you’re a terrible person.”

Rain accuses Van Dien of “pulling the acting shit out”. He begs for an explanation as to why he’s a terrible person. Van Dien gets up as she says, “I don’t owe you an explanation”.

When at the door, she says she isn’t doing the video, and she’ll leave FaZe if it’s released.


well ig she’s out of faze bc the vid was released? 🙁 #faze #fazerain #gracevandien #foryoupage #fyp #foryou #trending #viral

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Jury’s Out on FaZe Clan Controversy

Opinions are pouring out on the next chapter of this gaming drama.

FaZe Clan spoke out in defence of their new recruit. 

Co-owner FaZe Banks blasted this reply.

Some believe that there’s a cultural disconnect on Van Dien’s part, and she doesn’t understand the controversial interactions that are normal in the gaming community.

Those on Van Dien’s side are shocked she was the breaking point for the company’s direction.

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Others take issue with Rain for not taking any accountability.

Internet Stars Take Sides in Feud

Doing what he does best, Cr1TiKaL spoke out on another internet drama and discussed the FaZe Clan feud on a livestream. He doesn’t understand why Rain posted it, and believes everyone is walking out of this looking bad.


Gaming YouTuber Asmongold posted another video on the subject. He sympathised with Grace Van Dien’s, seeing her as being a broom to “clean up all these crackheads.”

He slams Rain for not taking responsibility for his addiction.

Co-owner of 100 Thieves, Nadeshot, believes Grace Van Dien played the hand she was dealt, and that it wasn’t her responsibility to make room for someone more deserving.

Is Grace Van Dien Really Leaving FaZe Clan?

It’s unclear what Grace Van Dien’s future looks like in FaZe Clan. She claimed she was quitting at the end of FaZe Rain’s explosive video. Her last few days of Twitter posts centre around Stranger Things, despite the actress taking a break from Hollywood after facing sexual harassment from industry higher ups.


FaZe Rain’s recovery from drug abuse put a hold on his career, and with his attacks against FaZe Clan, it’s unclear what his role in the company currently is.

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