Twitch Streamers Fume Over New Sponsorship Rules

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Streaming platform Twitch has angered its userbase over its updated ad policy.

twitch streamers
Twitch streamers

Twitch’s updated branded content policy is making waves, and streamers are not happy. The revised rules were recently published. Some inclusions are reasonable, like the prohibition of illegal or hateful products. Others have been met less favourably, including the turn away from promoting adult-oriented content on the platform.

The rules surrounding how Twitch streamers can advertise are causing strife with creators and viewers. Policies on sponsorships have suddenly grown restrictive, and there’s a whole host of guidelines streamers are now forced to follow.

Legendary Streamers Slam Twitch

Twitch streamers are furious at the unexpected hit on their earnings. Frequent Twitch streamer Cr1TiKaL spoke out on the decision, with the commentator expressing his shock at how often the platform makes poor decisions for itself and its users with his usual gusto.

He’s not the only one. World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold slams Twitch for screwing over every tier of creator, and is looking to move to another platform if policies do not change.

The content creation network OTK, which Asmongold is a member of, echo his concerns in an open letter.

The group flames Twitch for “years of anti-creator policy”, and points to the intense backlash as being the consequence for years of mistreatment.

OTK is right. It isn’t the first time the platform has pulled the rug from under creators like this. In 2022, the revenue split between platform and creator jumped from 30/70 to 50/50.

Twitch’s Finances Could Eat Into Charity Fundraising

Large networks like OTK have a lot of reason to worry. Twitch streamers often hold elaborate streams, and the high production value requires the backing of sponsorships. The detailed set-ups of OTK’s regular content rely on ad revenue, and many popular streamers are in the same boat.

Many Twitch streamers participate in charity fundraising, and people are anxious on whether these streams may be edged out by streamers needing to produce more profitable content.

Twitch Bleeds Streamers for Money

Why would Twitch want to run creators off its platform? Many think the answer lies in the company being hungry for money, choosing to compete with their creators for ad revenue by highly restricting how they’re allowed to navigate sponsorships.

Twitter user Ryan Wattsy summarises the situation well, highlighting how Twitch are making their platform appeal to advertisers while leaving their creators in the dust.
byu/Dollar99Man from discussion

Rules for Me, Not for Thee—Twitch & Shameless Promotion

Twitch are being shamed for their hypocrisy. Their tendency to run an excess of pre-roll ads is strong evidence of their financial goals.

It’s not only that. While restricting their creators’ advertising space to less than 3% of their screen, their Twitter was fully decorated to promote Street Fighter 6.

It's Super Ultra Combo Week on Twitch!

Twitch Streamers Mass Depart

Content creators are looking towards new platforms after these disappointing developments. 100 Thieves co-founder CouRage shares his satisfaction with YouTube Gaming, positioning it as an option for disappointed streamers.

Legendary YouTuber Mr Beast has supported Twitch streamers in the past by donating masses of money to them, and he isn’t stopping there. He tweets about possbily streaming on Kick to protest Twitch’s decision.

Kick is one of the main players in the world of Twitch alternatives, along with Rumble. It’s something each platform is well aware of, taking the opportunity to laugh at their largest competitor.

Rumble’s Revenue Model Turns Twitch Streamers Away

It’s not perfect on the other side. iShowSpeed was banned from Twitch due to sexually violent remarks towards Ash Kash in a stream, and moved to alternative streaming platforms.

Following his ban, iShowSpeed and friend Kai Cenat signed an exclusive deal to release The Kai N’ Speed Show on Rumble.

Live streamer Adin Ross alleges that the two regret their decision. He flames Rumble for not being a “real platform”, and claims that Rumble rents their streamers.

Kick’s Commercial Potential for Streamers

Mr Beast thinks Kick is the way to go, and it’s not hard to understand why. Possibly anticipating creators leaving, Twitch is charging members of their affiliate program $25 to terminate their agreement.


Kick is offering to cover this cost if streamers move to their platform.

In a conversation with Adin Ross, who is banned from Twitch, Kick confirmed that a creator program where they pay eligible streamers an hourly rate is in the works. If you’re interested in getting involved, check out how to get started here on the platform here.

Twitch Damage Control Runs into a Wall

Twitch soon walked back its statements.

Many view this apology as hollow, and believe it fails to address any real concerns.

Can Twitch Keep Its Streamers?

While Twitch’s PR team work overtime sorting out this mess, a video of the company’s CEO, Dan Clancy, has gone viral. The NASA alumni was with JoJoThaMoFo and Im_Dontai, discussing an extremely NSFW subject.

Only time will tell if any other stars leave the platform following the platform’s controversial move.

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