iDubbbz Regrets Controversial Career in 17 Minute Apology Video

The 32 year old feels guilt about earlier narrow-minded content and walks his old views back.

iDubbbz Tana Mongeau

YouTuber iDubbbz has released an apology video for his past hateful content, where he refers to his old YouTube videos as fostering a “culture of apathy and cruelty”.

While his first instinct was to take his channel in a new direction and let the content speak for itself, iDubbbz ultimately decided to directly address the criticism he’s received over the years.

The YouTuber’s dark legacy—and those he harnessed hate towards

iDubbbz, real name Ian Jomha, hit YouTube fame in the middle of the 2010s. His two series Content Cop and Bad Unboxing quickly grew hugely popular. While Bad Unboxing is exactly what the name suggests, with Ian unboxing poor quality and ridiculous items, Content Cop was known to ignite controversy.

In Content Cop, iDubbbz would critique another content creator’s channel. He’d punch down in a way comedic to his audience. Victims of the Content Cop treatment include similarly divisive YouTubers, such as commentary YouTuber LeafyIsHere, drama channel KeemStar and content network REACT, formerly known as The Fine Bros.

This wasn’t the only avenue he used to call out other content creators. RiceGum, an influencer who had a Content Cop video made criticising him, also copped a diss track from Ian.

The song, titled Asian Jake Paul, peaked at #24 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip Hop Digital Song Sales chart in 2017. The music video has since been scrubbed from iDubbbz’s YouTube channel, instead being preserved by reuploads.

Aiming to distance himself from his past content, his entire Content Cop series is now unlisted. He apologised to the creators he targeted in spite of still not liking them, regretting the cruelty he extended their way.

iDubbbz asks Tana Mongeau for forgiveness

A large aspect of the iDubbbz apology focuses on his actions toward influencer Tana Mongeau. Visiting the social media star at a fan event, he invites the then 18 Mongeau to say a racial slur at a photo op. 

He specifically apologises for harassing Tana in person. The influencer is shocked at his 180 in behaviour after being the target of much of his ridicule.

In a Twitter thread soon after the release of the apology video, Mongeau expresses shock to a fan asking for her opinion. She extends an invitation towards iDubbbz for her podcast Cancelled, which he eagerly accepts.

He slammed his creepy fanbase in earlier conversations

This isn’t the first time iDubbbz has addressed the divisive topic of his past. On Anthony Padilla’s—the YouTube legend of Smosh fame—viral podcast I Spent A Day With…, he discusses his contempt towards his fanbase of “antisocial, weird basement dwellers”.


#iDubbbz had some disturbing fan interactions (watch the full vid “I spent a day with IDUBBBZ” out now on YT: anthonypadilla / link in bio)

♬ original sound – Anthony Padilla

In the 17 minute apology video, iDubbbz explains what inspired his change of heart. At first, he didn’t see his edgy humour as having hurtful, real life consequences.

A “slap in the face” moment came when a transgender fan asked iDubbbz for a photo, minimising their request by concluding with the assumption, “you probably don’t like transgender people”.

iDubbbz protects wife Anisa from haters

His wife Anisa faced a lot of harassment, something he at first considered “her problem”. Anisa Jomha is a boxing promoter who has her own account on the scandalous social media platform OnlyFans.

When she announced the release of this NSFW content, iDubbbz fans asked how he felt about the whole thing. Anisa shared that he was extremely supportive.

Fans were outraged, making fun of his ‘simp’ behaviour they thought Ian would once criticise. Former rival LeafyIsHere returned to the platform, shocked at how iDubbbz had reacted.

It was this extreme backlash that forced iDubbbz to come to terms with the culture his career had cultivated. He credits Anisa with giving him the space to grow and become a better person. 

He brags that at the age of 32 he’s finally got his head around empathy, and feels for pain and suffering. 

Has iDubbbz really been redeemed?

His content has done a spin in the past few years. He tends to choose broader topics rather than targeting individual people.

He still pokes fun at others, and has faced backlash for recent videos. He uploaded a documentary about the YouTuber airsoftfatty, with this video having a whopping 23 million views, his most popular by far in the past five years.

He recently published an interview with the creator. However, some criticise him for treating airsoftfatty, real name Chris LaFon, as something to put on display, rather than a person.

iDubbbz claims he doesn’t want his next few videos to all be apologies, and he links to a video on his second channel where he chases squirrels, much more in line with his earlier content.

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