Twitch Titans IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat Take On New Horizons on Rumble

IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat (most-watch black creators) bring an exclusive comedy focused show to Rumble beginning in 2023. Twitch is once again at losing big creators from their platform as the kai mafia (his fans) may move across with both creators. The Twitch heavyweights have made a name for themselves in the industry, boasting unparalleled numbers in terms of subscribers and concurrent viewers. Now, they are making the leap to a new, up-and-coming platform: Rumble. While they won’t be leaving Twitch or other platforms entirely, their shift to Rumble is undoubtedly set to shake up the streaming world.

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IShowSpeed, on the other hand, has a permenant ban on Twitch and moved to YouTube where he remains on his last strike for streaming but is the number 1 gaming streamer in the U.S with 1.34 Billion views. Speed won the “Breakout Streamer of the Year” at the 12th Streamy awards in 2023 as recognition of his success on both his youtube videos and livestream show. 

Twitch and Youtube bans are a limitation for creators to create certain content, hopefully Rumble will allow these two creators to flourish together and continue their formation as a power duo whose impact on the world of streaming is undeniable. 

Twitch and Kick Feeling The Heat

Twitch, the platform that has been home to Kai Cenat’s monumental success, might indeed feel the heat. Rumble’s aggressive move to secure top-tier talent, coupled with its promise of full creative control, could potentially lead to an exodus of popular Twitch personalities in 2023 and 2024.

Adin Ross, another prominent figure in the streaming world who moved to the platform Kick, stated in a recent clip that these platforms are paying “NBA money” to attract top creators. Speed and kai had been offered a staggering $40 million to move to Kick, an offer they apparently declined, but his statements indicates the lengths these emerging platforms are willing to go to in order to secure top talent.

If Rumble continues to offer deals, and with the attraction of creative freedom, it could result in a significant shift in where viewers flock. While the streaming giant Twitch undoubtedly remains a formidable force, it is entering a new era of competition.

As Kai Cenat continues to forge his path, taking his talents and fanbase to Rumble, the ‘Streamer of the Year’ shows no signs of slowing down. If anything, his win at the Streamy Awards and his move to Rumble are indicative of his enduring influence and the exciting evolution of his career.

Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed’s YouTube History

Before their Twitch domination, both Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed had been making waves on YouTube since 2022. Their previous YouTube videos together perfectly highlight their synergy and shared sense of humor, which has undoubtedly contributed to their massive success as a duo. Their content, ranging from gaming to comedic stunts, has attracted millions of viewers, solidifying their status as top content creators on multiple platforms. Kai is the biggest twitch streamer of all time and you can see his rise to fame here in our article outlining his success.

Rumble: A Rising Contender in the Streaming Scene

Rumble, the platform they will be streaming on, has been making significant strides since 2022. As a high-growth video platform, Rumble is emerging as a direct competitor to YouTube. With the addition of Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed, two of the most-watched creators overall, to their roster, Rumble is set to gain substantial market competition.

In May 2023, Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed have announced their exclusive show on Rumble, a move that left their combined viewers anticipating what’s to come. The duo’s switch to Rumble doesn’t mean they’re abandoning Twitch or YouTube, but rather broadening their horizons and exploring new avenues. Their decision to join Rumble was influenced by the platform’s dedication to restore the internet and provide creators with full creative control, as per the direction of CEO Chris Pavlovski.

Rumble is often referred to as a “right wing” website but it may be the only comparable site to Youtube that allows creators similar features and audiences. For the past few years popular creators such as Russel Brand, Sneako, Donald Trump Jr. and other creators have moved to the platform and post regularly, amassing audience sizes smaller than youtube but they continue to grow especially with the revenue share offered. As creators move across to different platforms, their fans will follow them. Kai and Speed are proving that the ‘platform’ as such may not matter as much as the content and accessibility, people will continue to follow and watch for the entertainment.

The Kai n Speed Show: Anticipation Builds

In a surprise move, the duo announced their new show on Rumble, dubbed the “Kai n Speed Show,” with a short YouTube teaser clip. The clip showcased them participating in “Jackass” like stunts involving snakes, horses, and even fencing outfits. The mix of adrenaline-inducing activities and their signature humor has left fans eager for the May 26 debut.

Kai Cenat, the most-subscribed Twitch streamer and the livestream breakout star of 2022, expressed his excitement for the upcoming project, stating, “Being able to have full creative control was important for us.” IShowSpeed, the YouTube gaming streamer of 2022, added, “This is just a taste of the things to come.”

It’s clear that 2023 holds big plans for the duo as they continue to navigate their streaming journey. While Kai Cenat’s and IShowSpeed’s move to Rumble is a significant one, fans can rest assured knowing their favorite streamers will continue to deliver the content they love, whether it’s on Twitch, YouTube, or Rumble.

As we “look forward” to their new ventures, it’s safe to say that the future of streaming looks bright with Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed leading the charge. Their sheer talent landed them the titles of Streamer of the Year and Most-Subscribed Twitch Streamer, proving that they are indeed forces to be reckoned with. Their impressive subscriber amass and intriguing new projects make them ones to watch in 2023 and beyond.

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