iShowSpeed Harasses Attendees at FA Final, Gets Attacked

YouTuber and streamer iShowSpeed has been doing the rounds at this year’s FA Cup.


iShowSpeed attended the FA Cup. He almost had a catastrophic incident with the event’s namesake early in his visit.

iShowSpeed streamed the close 2-1 match. While on video, Speed announces, “I’m about to troll him,” in reference to an attendee in front of him. He starts making loud jabs towards Manchester City.

This fan doesn’t bite, but a supporter iShowSpeed, real name Darren Watkins Jr, later runs into does.

The Moment iShowSpeed is Attacked

Out of nowhere, a man walks over to iShowSpeed and shoves him.

His security guards are quick to intervene, with the man being thrown into a distant row of seats. Other attendees try to pull the security guard off the attacker.

Commenters are on Speed’s side, slamming the man for harassing an eighteen year old.

iShowSpeed Quickly Clears the Air

In a short video, iShowSpeed explains that he was forced to end the livestream early due to the attack.

He extends a lot of gratitude towards his team and the staff at FA cup, and this respect goes surprisingly far.

iShowSpeed Makes Amends

In a shocking turn of events, it’s revealed iShowSpeed and his attacker met up. Speed says he’s “able to forgive”, and that him and the unnamed attacker are “cool”.

Does iShowSpeed Have a Pattern of Instigation?

The American YouTuber is frequently in controversy, and it’s not even the first time it’s football related. He repeats “konnichiwa” at a fan who repeats he’s Chinese. Many think the sounds he ends the video with are racist, though Speed insists he was only trying to say a word in the language.

KSI Forces iShowSpeed off the Team

At the moment, he’s in another football feud with Youtuber turned business mogul KSI. The two previously got intense at a charity match with KSI’s YouTube group Sidemen.

The Sidemen are now in talks to set up their next match, and KSI shot down the idea of iShowSpeed returning.

KSI repeats that iShowSpeed’s popularity “fell off”, and has no interest in hosting the YouTuber. Speed takes offence, commenting that he jokes around with his friends but it feels as if KSI is serious. His worry leaves viewers to doubt whether he has a spot in the next match.

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