Joe Rogan Experience #1906 – David Goggins

David Goggins explains how he always aspires to be the best person he can, mentally and physically. 

He slams those who “perform with a purpose”, and only better themselves if there’s a solid goal at the end of the road. He makes the case for us being our own purposes, and the betterment of ourselves needs to be motivated from inside.

David Goggins reveals his extreme measures that carved him out a respected spot in the self-help niche. One includes not taking traditional vacations, instead utilising “mental aid stations” in moments between work. This happens when he eats and showers.

Joe Rogan describes Goggins as “uncommon”, and his dedication to “embrace the suck” proves this.

He’s optimistic about what others can achieve, and values hard work over talent. He says the only failure is not trying, and encourages listeners to always prepare for their next chapter.

He gets vulnerable about his generational trauma, wanting to get better and inspire others after coming from a lineage of abusive fathers.

David Goggins is extremely motivational, and anyone who needs that kick to work on their goals and be the best version of themselves needs to give this episode a listen.

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