Joe Rogan Experience #1863 – Mark Zuckerberg

Rogan is no stranger to censorship, and opens the floor for Zuckerberg to explain how Meta handles controversial content. He reassures that the company remains unbiased by employing a third party fact checking program.

The two discuss what happens behind the scenes of social media, and Zuckerberg talks about things some of us may have never considered during our daily scroll, such as how a page is deemed authentic.

Rogan sympathises for the CEO and his stressful position, but Zuckerberg takes his challenges in stride.

A key point of this interview is the virtual reality direction Mark Zuckerberg is aiming to take the Meta brand. The two talk about the new Meta Quest 3, which has been delayed to 2023 rather than the 2022 date mentioned in the video.

Opening up on his vision for the future, Zuckerberg envisions VR headsets as being the size of glasses so they can be worn constantly during everyday life. 

The economic and career potential of the Metaverse is continuously touched on. Mark Zuckerberg is extending opportunities to those in cities that don’t reflect their values, and allowing them to build their careers in a host of environments where location doesn’t matter.

Going further into this sci-fi future, the Meta CEO anticipates that we’ll eventually start showing up to work as holograms.

This rare interview from one of the world’s most powerful figures is extremely enlightening, and gives anyone with curiosities about virtual reality to have those questions answered.

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