Joe Rogan Experience #1470 – Elon Musk

This episode of Rogan and Musk occurred after the infamous “pot smoking” debacle of Joe Rogan Experience #1169 where the Tesla stock dropped due to Elon smoking weed on the live podcast. This episode begins more light hearted where Elon explains the origin of their new-born sons name “X Æ A-12”.

Musk outlines the progress made in his quest for sustainable energy and space colonization, providing fascinating insight into the technological advancements that SpaceX and Tesla are making. Musk also discusses the planned missions to Mars, sharing his dream of establishing a self-sustaining city on the Red Planet.

Rogan probes Musk on the strides made in electric vehicle technology and self-driving cars, leading to an engaging discussion about the potential impact of these developments on our society. They also delve into the intricacies of Neuralink, Musk’s venture aimed at developing implantable brain–machine interface devices. Musk explains how this technology could revolutionize the treatment of many brain-related illnesses and potentially augment human cognition.

If you love technology, brain implants, weird baby names and a good time Musk and Rogan deliver in this episode!

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