Joe Rogan Experience #1284 – Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock provides an alternate theory of history that dates back before our current scientists say humans should exist. By analysing information over many many topics such as history, geology, Egyptology and more, Hancock has developed an alternate series of events that explains great ancient wonders such as the pyramids and pottery. 

Hancock’s theories are portrayed by other content creators at online platforms where some delve to a level of conspiracy theories that have recently come under fire.

A significant part of the conversation is dedicated to the exploration of psychedelics. Hancock shares his experiences with Ayahuasca and DMT, expressing his belief in their ability to open channels of understanding and facilitate transformative experiences. Rogan, who has also been vocal about his experiences with psychedelics, provides his perspective, leading to a thought-provoking discourse about consciousness and the role of psychedelics in personal growth and societal development.

If you are someone with an interest in archaeology, ancient civilizations, or the potential of psychedelic experiences, this episode promises a stimulating, mind-expanding ride.

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