Adam and Eve: Joe Rogan’s Climate Change Theory Goes Viral on Tiktok

Podcast paranoia—Joe Rogan and guest Jimmy Corsetti spread climate misinformation, igniting debate on how we should counter fake climate change theories.

A snippet from a January episode of the Joe Rogan Experience is currently going viral on social media. In episode #1928, he talks to YouTuber Bright Insight, real name Jimmy Corsetti.

joe rogan
joe rogan

Corsetti’s channel discusses ancient history and conspiracy theories—a topic that Joe Rogan is nothing but familiar with, given how the rumour of Logan Paul securing top-secret UFO footage started there. Corsetti saw a great opportunity to bring up his usual fare on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Joe Rogan pushes Corsetti to share his “crazy, tin-foil hat conspiracy theory”. Jimmy reminds the audience that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about before launching into his answer.

Inside the Enigmatic World of the Conspiracy Bible

This climate change theory is sourced from the book The Adam and Eve Story. It’s a book from the sixties that was partially declassified by the CIA in 2013

The book approaches the biblical story of Adam and Eve from a new perspective. Among many changes from traditional interpretations, Jesus Christ is abducted by aliens after his crucifixion.

This controversial climate science conclusion has been dubbed the ‘Adam and Eve theory’, after the book it stems from. The premise revolves around Earth’s magnetic field, with a belief that Earth’s magnetic poles periodically reverse, bringing about mass destruction and a reset of the population. 

The Surprising Truths Buried Within the Fake Climate Change Theory

It’s not all conspiratorial misinformation. The Earth does have pole reversals, with NASA having proof of this occurring 183 times in the last 83 million years.

However, it’s not the looming doomsday threat Rogan and Corsetti present it as. The reversals take a long time to occur, giving the Earth space to adjust. Fossils from eras of different states of role reversal show no difference from each other.

There’s more than magnetic field adjustment at play. Darris Watkins of the No Regulars podcast discusses the same theory, painting an image of biblical end times. There’s theorised to be hurricanes and earthquakes when the extreme reversal occurs, seemingly a mid-century take on the Book of Revelations.

The end result of all the mayhem is supposed to be a hard reset of society, returning modern civilisation back to the stone age. 

What Joe Rogan Reveals About Misinformation on Tiktok

In September 2022, Cormac Keenan, the head of trust and safety at Tik Tok, published a promise to strengthen the platform’s work countering misinformation. Keenan specifically mentions policies that ban content that spreads misinformation on important topics, including, “civic processes, public health, or safety”.

tiktok misinformation guidelines

Tik Tok’s policies single out climate change as something they work to counter disinformation on.

Climate change misinformation that undermines well-established scientific consensus, such as denying the existence of climate change or the factors that contribute to it

Given this, users are disgusted that Tik Tok hasn’t done anything to address the climate disinformation going viral on their platform. While Joe Rogan does not have his own official account, clips from JRE where the Adam and Eve theory is discussed are being reposted and gaining extreme popularity. One snippet summarises the whole conspiracy, and has almost one million likes.

NASA Confronts the Joe Rogan Experience for Having “No Proof and No Science”

It’s gone so far without pushback that NASA are speaking out. Martin Mlynczak, a senior research scientist at the NASA Langley Research Center, speaks out against the conspiracy in conversation with The Verge.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. And there’s no proof and no science and no physics behind any of the claims about the magnetic field change being associated with climate change

The Controversial Podcaster Amplifies Climate Denial

Joe Rogan proves controversial in many areas, though climate misinformation is an area where he ruffles feathers again and again. 

On four hour long episode #1769 of the Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan talked to Jordan Peterson. The contentious figures discussed a variety of issues, with focuses including capitalism and climate change.

Jordan Peterson says there’s no such thing as “climate”, going onto equate “climate” and “everything” as being the same thing, calling into question how you can use variables in research that cover “everything”.

Out of His Element: Joe Rogan Under Fire for Climate Change Misinformation

Many discredited the conversation, pointing out that neither person on the podcast has a scientific background. 

It’s inspired multiple debunkings from those more versed in the area, with content creators aiming to push back against the false information.

Joe Rogan’s Previous Condemnation of Climate Denial

What’s more surprising than Joe Rogan’s controversial conversations with Jimmy Corsetti and Jordan Peterson is his previous defence of climate change. In 2018, Rogan had conservative commentator Candace Owens, host of her own self-titled podcast, on, where Owens announced she did not believe in climate change.

She disputed the studies about the climate crisis that the Joe Rogan Experience presented her. Rogan specifically said that the studies were “not propaganda”, and expressed concerns for the environmental impact climate change may have.

The Fate of Joe Rogan in the Era of Misinformation

Even though he’s regularly slammed for dangerous remarks and spreading conspiracy theories, the comedian and former TV host hasn’t faced up to many consequences in the past. 70 episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience were scrubbed from Spotify for racially insensitive remarks, though Spotify opposed taking the whole show down, saying, “cancelling voices is a slippery slope”.

The best bet is Tik Tok taking misinformation on its platform seriously. However, this has been viral for days now, and it doesn’t look like there are any further pushes to fight against disinformation spreading on the app.

Joe Rogan has hundreds of hours of recorded air-time posted online where many of the opinions he expresses are often met with an opposing opinion depending on the guest and the year. Many listeners of the podcast should be encouraged to listen and read varied sources of information to develop their own opinions about what is said on what is officially a comedy podcast.

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