Joe Rogan Mocks Miller Lite Ad and its Identity Politics

Podcaster Joe Rogan flames beer brand Miller Lite for their new feminist advertising campaign.

joe rogan
joe rogan

Comedian Ilana Glazer, co-creator of sitcom Broad City, brings to light how historically women were large producers of beer in a March commercial for Miller Lite. Glazer contrasts this fact with the objectifying way women have been used to market alcohol in recent history.

To “clean up the whole beer industry’s shit”, the historic brewing company has been buying dated marketing materials of scantily clad women in bikinis. This media is being transformed into fertiliser which is being sent to female brewers in an effort to make up for past treatment in the industry.

Joe Rogan’s Provocative Take on Bikini-Clad Women in Ad Campaigns

The ad was released for Women’s History Month, and is now two months out of date. The link advertised in the video pushing viewers to donate old marketing materials to the cause no longer works, instead redirecting to Miller Lite’s homepage.

Following his conversation on climate conspiracy theories, Joe Rogan discusses something more grounded. Him bringing up the subject has brought the ad back into the public conscious.

Miller Lite’s move has proved massively controversial. Episode #1986 of the Joe Rogan Experience features a segment of Rogan slamming the beer company for its initiative. Both him and guest Jack Carr, thriller author and former Navy SEAL officer, are shocked that companies “don’t learn”. 

Joe Rogan and Jack Carr slam the brand for acting like “there’s something wrong with women wearing bikinis”. Rogan shames the advertisement for treating these old marketing materials as offensive, and equates the dated photos of the models to how a shirtless Chris Pratt helps sell movie tickets. He does not believe objectifying is necessarily negative.

After watching the commercial, Rogan complains that he “hates identity politics with a passion”. He rejects the singling out of women, commenting “human beings make beer”.

It All Started With a Blistering Attack on Bud Light

The Joe Rogan Experience clips ends with a discussion on why this two month old ad has now resurfaced. At first, Rogan says it goes no further than “people looking to be angry”. 

Immediately after this, the podcast host refers back to the “Bud Light Thing”, a topic which reoccurs throughout this segment. Early in the clip, Rogan and Carr slam beer companies for not learning lessons from “a week ago”.

Beer sales have declined and new generations drink less than their older counterparts. Looking for a new market share, beer companies have chosen to go against their previous masculine marketing strategies, hoping that something else works in the 21st century.

As part of that push, Bud Light partnered with Tik Tok star Dylan Mulvaney. The influencer has 10.8 million followers on the short-form video platform. Brands are running for collaborations, including legendary sportswear brand Nike and legacy makeup company Maybelline.


Getting glam for my Day 365 show with @maybelline #maybellinepartner

♬ Hey It’s Me – Official Sound Studio

Consumer Backlash Against a Bold Beer Marketing Move

In a now deleted Tik Tok video, Mulvaney excitedly shares a can of Bud Light, which is decorated with her face.

This short Tik Tok video ignited mass controversy. Dylan Mulvaney is a transgender woman, finding virality with her ‘DAYS OF GIRLHOOD’ series. The 365th day was marked by an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show.


DAY 365 Never been kissed MEETS hasnt been kissed as a girl!!!! #drewbarrymore @drewbarrymore

♬ they might kiss x promiscuous – ‍

Fan Outcry as Joe Rogan Puts Approval over Authenticity

Joe Rogan’s anger at “identity politics” comes out in this situation too, and the progressive marketing ploy has been slammed for being a far cry from what their audience is after. He describes Bud Light buyers as liking NASCAR and sports, pointing out what he considers a disconnect between marketing team and consumer.

At first, he doesn’t see what the big deal is, and thinks it’s funny to see what people get outraged about. Commenters accuse Joe Rogan’s light opinions of being a result of an undisclosed partnership with the brand.

Having a change of tune, Joe Rogan later refers to Mulvaney as an “attention whore” and flames Bud Light for alienating their audience.

Viewers blasted Rogan for having a new opinion and pretending his last one didn’t exist, seeing him playing both sides.

The Customer Rebellion Against a Tone-Deaf Woke Campaign

Joe Rogan isn’t the only one angry at the left-wing stance beer companies are taking to refresh their image. American singer Kid Rock uploaded a video to Instagram where he fired shots at a case of Bud Light.

Some went further, with Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right beer now in production. The tag line on the can, ‘100% Woke-Free American Beer’, highlights the brand’s mission statement to no longer give money to progressive companies.

Standing Firm or Caving In? Beer Companies Navigate the Storm of Backlash

Bud Light are doubling down on their stance in the face of falling sales.

Dylan Mulvaney returned to Tik Tok with a level-headed response, sharing that she’s struggling with the conservative backlash due to her family and religious backgrounds.

While analysts accuse Miller Lite of missing the mark with their commercial for Women’s History Month, sales continue rising.

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