The Joe Rogan Experience Dives Deep into UFO Whistleblower Claim

On a recent JRE episode, Joe Rogan talks to former Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf about recent claims of government UFO evidence.

The clip opens with Joe Rogan naming the whistleblower, David Grusch. Grusch is a former intelligence officer and is also an Air Force veteran. His initial allegations were lodged back in 2021, though they’ve recently picked up steam thanks to Grusch going fully public to independent US news source NewsNation.

Joe Rogan quickly catches his viewers up to speed on the entire saga, referencing the claims that “they” have off-world crafts in possession. Echoing the question on many listeners’ minds, Andy Stumpf asks to know who “they” is.

Joe Rogan Accuses Government Manipulation

Giving a more detailed rundown, Rogan answers that David Grusch is claiming that the government have alien aircrafts that they’re hiding from the public. The first thought to leave Joe Rogan after the recap is whether this news is a PSYOP.

PYSOPs, the shorter name for psychological operations, are operations aimed at influencing people’s state of mind. While the term has its roots in military warfare, many conspiracy theorists have decried several viral social media stories as being PSYOPs.

Rogan puts himself in the shoes of a government official, saying that if he was working on something he wanted to hide from foreign forces, he would start pushing wild claims in distraction.

Whistleblower Alleges Decades of US Government Lies

Joe Rogan reads out David Grusch’s story that states many senior intelligence officers were open about their involvement in the program. While Rogan may be a skeptic on whether this is in government interest, he points out that the story lines up with what frequent guest Bob Lazar has said in the past.

Rogan investigates the timeline, with Grusch’s eighty year claim lining up with the Roswell incident in 1947. The FBI recounts the event on its website, saying there was a “teletype,” an early text-based messaging method using linked typewriters, “regarding a “flying disc” that resembled a high altitude weather balloon found near Roswell, New Mexico.”


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Joe Rogan expresses suspicion on the military’s UFO retraction, and the current claim of it only being a weather balloon that crashed. If that’s really the case, Rogan asks why so many people have stories concerning Roswell. He slams what he sees as lies being pushed, including that there were crash test dummies or parachutes.

Joe Rogan’s Suspicions on Government Claims

1995’s ‘Roswell Report’, published by the Headquarters United States Air Force, refutes Rogan’s insistence of their being hieroglyphics at the crash site.

Joe Rogan expresses suspicion at the way the sensational story evolved, something that’s also mentioned in the ‘Roswell Report’.

Aftermath of the Roswell UFO crash

Joe Rogan is unsure on whether the timeline of events is to be trusted. Roswell’s local newspaper, the ‘Roswell Report’ proudly claimed that the government had retrieved a UFO from a local area. The next day, this story was changed to being about nothing more than a weather balloon.

Joe Rogan Experience Guest Claims Aliens Fear Us

Joe Rogan and Andy Stumpf both think that there are likely other species in the universe alongside us. Even though this is their belief, it doesn’t mean they see them as visiting anytime soon. Stumpf concludes that humans would make a “more intelligent, more advanced” species “run for the hills.”

Rogan is shocked, asking for more details. Andy Stumpf declares that humanity is terrifying, and no one observing from a distant lens would want to come near Earth. The former SEAL sees alien contact happening after humans evolve into something better, or when humans approach them first.

Joe Rogan reminds listeners that David Grusch immediately killed his career upon breaking this story. He encourages viewers to consider all angles to a story, pointing out that NewsNation could be government controlled propaganda.

Whistleblower Claims There’s More Than Aircrafts

While watching the full NewsNation interview, Grusch alleges that the Unidentified Ariel Phenomena (UAP) Task Force were refused from participating in the crash retrieval program to retrieve spacecrafts, or what he calls “non-human technical vehicles”.

Grusch states that there’s a “sophisticated disinformation campaign targeting the US populace” that has lied to Americans for decades. The interviewer, journalist Ross Coulthart, presses Grusch on whether there have been any bodies recovered alongside crashed aircrafts. David Grusch realises it sounds “fantastical” before confirming pilots have been recovered.

The Logistical Nightmare of Keeping Everything Hushed

International UFO Museum, Roswell

Joe Rogan says, “he might be a government agent.” Andy Stumpf is more open, looking to unpack his story from the perspective of his and Grusch’s shared military background.

Stumpf shares that there are “clearances” which people can be read into. These clearances are under the radar programs which participants need to be thoroughly cleared for. He explains that to be “read into” a clearance, you need to both have the clearance and the need to know whatever classified information it concerns.

Stumpf’s military history proves valuable, as he explains multiple conclusions that could be made from David Grusch’s allegations. While it can be read as a conspiratorial attempt to hide aircraft evidence, it also may be a case of two clearances not having anything to do with each other, as being apart of one clearance does not have anything to do with being read into another.

Andy Stumpf gets into the logistics, stumped on how this program could be kept under wraps when it requires identification and large teams to handle the vehicles. Joe Rogan reminds Stumpf that people are coming forward, so it’s not entirely secret. Stumpf retaliates, saying that pieces are coming out, but he wants to see how they all fit together.

Is David Grusch a Future Joe Rogan Experience Guest?

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan states his desire to feature David Grusch as a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience. Stumpf isn’t sure whether it would be worth it, criticising Grusch’s appearance on NewsNation for focusing on general information rather than specific details.

Rogan claims he would ask direct questions on any first-hand knowledge regarding UFOs that Grusch has, rather than his previous focus on what other intelligence officers have allegedly seen. After the House of Representatives has their hearing regarding his explosive allegations, Grusch is sure to have many stories to tell.

The podcast host calls back to episode #1315 of JRE, where Bob Lazar discusses reverse engineering non-human technical vehicles. Lazar’s main complaint with the program was how advanced science cannot exist in a vacuum, so keeping everything locked down hindered progress.

The clip ends on a classic Joe Rogan conspiracy theory note, with Rogan stating that if he was doing shady things in the government, he’d misdirect with an outlandish story along these lines.

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