Joe Rogan Experience #1675 – Quentin Tarantino

On the podcast Quentin reveals his love for crafting layered narratives, expressing his appreciation for intricate storytelling and vibrant character development. This dialogue offers a captivating exploration of Tarantino’s approach to cinema, from conceptualization to the final cut. 

At the release of this podcast, Quentin had just released his movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, being a portrayal of some true events that happened around an American cult. Although critics did not claim that this was Quentins best work the discussion in the podcast about the film provides an alternate view and understand directly from the directors eyes. 

The conversation also takes a detour into Tarantino’s love for vintage pop culture, particularly old movies and music. The duo discuss the importance of preserving film history and how past classics have shaped Tarantino’s work. Towards the end, Rogan and Tarantino delve into broader topics, such as Tarantino’s views on the current state of Hollywood, the influence of streaming platforms on filmmaking, and the future of cinema in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Tarantino’s word is awe inspiring for young directors to have their own styles, points of views and that cinema is a broad spectrum of art and storytelling. 

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