I Buried $100,000, Go Find It

In the video titled “I Buried $100,000, Go Find It,” uploaded by Ludwig, two contestants participate in a thrilling race to uncover $100,000 hidden in an undisclosed location. The contestants encounter various challenges along the way, including diving into a sunken ship and navigating a sticky glue trap. With the help of GPS coordinates, they try to outmaneuver each other and claim the prize. Ultimately, one contestant emerges victorious and plans to use the money for a well-deserved family vacation. At the end of the video, Ludwig encourages viewers to subscribe to MrBeast’s channel. Get ready for an exciting adventure as the hunt for the buried treasure unfolds in this adrenaline-pumping competition!

I Buried $100,000, Go Find It

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Welcome to the thrilling race of a lifetime in the video titled “I Buried $100,000, Go Find It” uploaded by Ludwig on his channel. This video, originally filmed by MrBeast, features two contestants competing to find the buried treasure of $100,000 in the middle of nowhere. As they embark on this adventure, they encounter various challenges, such as diving into a sunken ship and crossing a sticky glue trap. With the help of GPS coordinates, they navigate their way to the hidden money. In the end, one lucky contestant emerges as the winner and plans to use the money for a much-deserved family vacation. Get ready for a thrilling and entertaining ride!

Video Title and Upload

Ludwig, known for his comedic and entertaining content, presents the video titled “I Buried $100,000, Go Find It.” In a humorous twist, Ludwig acknowledges that he scammed MrBeast into giving him this video to upload on his channel. The video begins with a jovial atmosphere as Ludwig sets the stage for the exciting race between the two contestants vying for the grand prize of $100,000. The stakes are high, and the competitors are ready to put their skills to the test.

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Race to Find $100,000

In the middle of nowhere, hidden inside a hole, lies the grand prize of $100,000. The two contestants are about to race against each other to find it. With the first clue in hand, which contains the initial GPS coordinates, they set off on their adventure. Their race begins, and the anticipation builds as they navigate through unknown territory, determined to be the first to uncover the buried treasure.

Challenges Faced by Contestants

The journey to find the $100,000 is filled with a series of exciting and challenging obstacles for the contestants. They must overcome these hurdles to stay in the race and have a chance at claiming the grand prize. From diving into a sunken ship to crossing a sticky glue trap, the contestants face physical and mental challenges that test their limits. But their determination and competitive spirit drive them forward, fueling their desire to succeed.

I Buried $100,000, Go Find It

Diving into a Sunken Ship

One of the challenges the contestants encounter is diving into a sunken ship. The GPS coordinates lead them to the bottom of a lake, where they must search for the next clue. With the pressure on, they dive into the water, hoping to find the hidden clue in a submerged chest. Their underwater adventure adds an exciting element to the race and showcases their bravery and resourcefulness.

Crossing a Sticky Glue Trap

As the contestants progress in the race, they face an unexpected obstacle—a sticky glue trap. This challenge requires them to cross a stretch of glue-covered ground without getting stuck. The sticky substance poses a significant challenge, slowing down their progress and adding an element of suspense to the race. They must strategize and find a way to maneuver through the trap to reach the next clue.

I Buried $100,000, Go Find It

Using GPS Coordinates

Throughout the race, the contestants heavily rely on GPS coordinates to guide them towards the hidden money. Armed with smartphones and navigation devices, they input the coordinates and follow the directions provided. This technological aid becomes their compass, ensuring that they stay on track and don’t lose their way in the vast expanse of the racecourse. The innovative use of GPS coordinates adds an element of modernity to the race and showcases the contestants’ adaptability to technology.

Winner and Plans for the Money

After intense competition and navigating through various challenges, one contestant emerges as the ultimate winner of the $100,000. They express their joy and gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the race and claim the grand prize. With the money securely in their possession, they reveal their plans to use it for a family vacation. The winner’s excitement is contagious as they outline their vision of a memorable and well-deserved getaway with their loved ones.

I Buried $100,000, Go Find It


In the video “I Buried $100,000, Go Find It” uploaded by Ludwig, viewers are treated to an exhilarating race filled with challenges, intense competition, and a generous cash prize. The contestants showcase their determination, physical prowess, and problem-solving skills as they navigate through unexpected obstacles. Through the use of GPS coordinates, they stay on course, ensuring an exciting and thrilling race. Ultimately, one contestant stands tall as the victor, ready to embark on a well-deserved family vacation with the $100,000 prize. Ludwig’s promotion of subscribing to MrBeast’s channel at the end of the video provides a fun and friendly reminder to support creators and continue enjoying their engaging content.

I buried $100,000, go find it!





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